From Production to Distribution, Dolphin Image Studios is a one-stop solution for creators

Dolphin Image Studios supports Creators through the Entire Production Process. Our Vast Experience makes us an Ideal Partner. We value the Creative and Business sides of the Industry equally, with the skills to bring your Vision to life.

Our Clients expect their projects to be thoroughly planned, well produced and maximum exposure. With the Creative Intuition and the Industry Experience to guide the Projects, we Empower Filmmakers to craft Powerful Stories.

Everything You Need to Tell Your Story

  • Exclusive Provider of Arwall, a State-of-the-Art Greenscreen Alternative

  • Nine Acres of Privately-Owned Land, Great for Outdoor Filming and Photoshoots

  • Dolphin Image‚Äôs soundstage is ideal for indoor shooting, complete with professional backstage amenities.

  • Top of the Line Equipment Available, from the Original Tools to the Latest & Greatest

Our state of the art LED wall has a variety of uses.

Configurable for a Variety of Sizes, With a max size of 20 ft W by 12 ft H

Our LED wall is optimized for the ARwall technology, a groundbreaking alternative to green screen.

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