Nine Acres of Privately-Owned Picturesque Land

Our fenced in property is perfect for private shoots. Located close to Orlando and Tampa, but far enough away to create your own world. With Lush Greenery and Dense Forests, there’s a Variety of Locations in this one space. Trails make for easy navigation and open clearings for setting up production tents.  

Filming on our Private Property is Convenient and Affordable

Dealing with Permits and Location Restrictions is a huge hassle and takes money away from telling your story. Filming on Private Property negates the Need for any of that. Plus, your crew has easy access to all the Studio’s other resources.  

Back Lot Rates

Hourly Day Time Rate

$75 per Hour

Full Day Time Rate.


Nights & Weekends

Hourly Nighttime Rate (min. 3hrs/max.8hrs)

$100 per Hour 

Full Night