Scream Test, a Co-Production between BC Entertainment and Dolphin Image Studios, is an indie horror feature film released in 2020. Like all projects, there are constraints to getting the film through principal photography in the highest quality. In this case, the constraints were power and weather conditions in Central Florida. We decided that the Chroma Q Space Force Octa lights were the optimal solution to these constraints and we are presenting the results of this Case Study.  


The B.C. Entertainment Group was founded by Bob Cook in 1989. It is run out of Orlando by Bob Cook and his wife Ginger Brigham Cook, General Manager. Bob has written 25 screenplays, directed 7 feature films, and produced 14, all of which have received distribution deals. Ginger has been a Producer, Director, and Editor for a multitude of projects for companies such as Saturn Cars, Modernfold moving walls, and Bonanza Ventures, Inc.  

Project & Background 

Scream Test is an indie-horror feature film filmed and released in 2020. When a Scream Queen with injured vocal cords rehabilitates on a remote island resort where people are dying in the same vein as in her films.  

Scream Test was a unique and wonderful project to work on, namely because Bob and Ginger were wonderful collaborators. Dolphin Image Studios ultimately produced the final film and we’re pleased with what we were able to accomplish. This feature film was shot entirely in Central Florida, specifically Winter Haven. This allowed us to keep our filming locations close together and boost the local economy in the process.  

Constraints & Solutions 

Scream Test predominantly takes place in a resort-style location. For the majority of principal photography, it was filmed in a hotel in Central Florida. On our Tech Scout, it came up that the hotel came with unique power constraints. This would ultimately limit the amount of power draw we could for most of our shots. With that, we knew that our traditional set lights wouldn’t cut it.  

In addition to that, this was Central Florida in the “winter.” Between the clouds, rainfall, all or none of the above, the light that was hitting our actors could change every 5 minutes. Having diffusion and flags on standby wasn’t going to be fast enough or as accurate as we’d ultimately need for Scream Test.  

Although these constraints were nothing new to film production work, especially in Florida, the solutions were sprouting up every day. Everyone had both professional and DIY solutions to offer. This burden of choice made it difficult to make a split-second decision. It came down to going with a gut decision and hoping for the best. Ultimately, we settled on the Space Force Octo lights provided by Chroma Q.  


The Space Force Octo lights draw a lot less power on account of them being LED lights. This allowed our crew to have the light output and options they needed within our filming constraints. It also minimized our need for traditional light controls like flags and silks due to its granular brightness controls. This ensured that it provided the exact level of light that our crew needed for their shots.  

The level of control also extended to color temperature. Considering how fast Florida’s sunlight can fluctuate, it was important for us to be able to make minor adjustments on the fly. Being able to control the Octas to that degree was invaluable to us on this set.  

The lights also came with an unexpected surprise: cooling. Even in the winter, Florida can get quite hot. Traditional lights would’ve required a heavy set of gloves and some very careful movements to transition from setup to setup. These lights literally kept their cool. Our Key Grip even remarked that he was able to move them faster and easier, allowing more time for filming.  


Overall, Dolphin Image Studios is very satisfied with what the Space Force Octo lights. They helped BC Productions and Dolphin Image Studios complete the goals we set out to achieve with Scream Test. We ultimately purchased a few additional of the lights and have used them in subsequent projects and to light our Cycwall that is in our 3,000sq ft soundstage. Test


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