How Dolphin Image Studios is Adapting to COVID-19

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Dolphin Image COVID Announcement

We are taking several preventative measures to ensure everyone’s safety and wellbeing. A big thank you to everyone for their patience and understanding. These are trying times for everyone and we appreciate your patience. Stay strong, have a wonderful day, and we can’t wait to hear from you.

Posted by Dolphin Image Studios on Monday, April 6, 2020

Every production company in the world is adapting to COVID-19 in its own way. At Dolphin Image Studios, we’ve chosen to adapt based on our community and how it has been affected by the virus. In our county alone, which is Polk County Florida, confirmed cases of coronavirus have gone from 0 to at least 300 (as many as 400 depending on the source) in less than 1 month. An infection rate of this magnitude constitutes great levels of care and precaution. We’ve discussed before on Social Media about our plans to adapt, but we also want to showcase the specific changes that we’re making. These are liable to change as the situation evolves and we will push updates when changes are made. For now, here is how Dolphin Image Studios is adapting to COVID-19.  


Studio Procedures 

First, we will address how the Studio at large is changing its daily workflow. This starts with how we open our facilities every morningAll of our staff members wash their hands immediately upon entry. Then all of our desks, chairs, tables, the bar, and other stationary equipment are disinfectedThe air conditioning will be set to 72°, a reasonable amount for Florida’s weather but also not so cold that would allow germs to spread. Throughout the day, any additional equipment such as microphones, cameras, or lights will be disinfected before and after they are used. 

We are also taking additional steps when we close the facilities each day. All of the restrooms will be cleaned and disinfected regardless of whether or not they were used that day. Refillables, such as soap and hand sanitizer, will also be replenishedHand sanitizer, in particular, will be made available by the Front Desk, inside the Makeup Room and the Sound Room. Then the temperature will be raised to 78° as the extra heat will further hinder germ spreadThe facilities will then be secured, locked, and closed for the day.  

Studio Productions 

For most projects that the studio takes on (we will distinguish them shortly), we will also be enforcing certain practices and precautions. Projects will be capped at 10 people on the premises at any given time. Before entering, they will be required to have a mask or face covering on. When they enter, they will all be required to wash their hands before proceeding with their work. At this time, all necessary equipment will be checked and disinfected according to the approved methods.  

Once everyone involved with the Project has arrived, a Dolphin Image Studios’ staff member will run through a set of ground rules specifically for COVID-19. These will be: 


  • Please do not gather in close quarters. If you are not required to be on the set or in the recording studio, please monitor from a safe distance.  

  • When conversing/collaborating with others, please maintain a distance of roughly six feet. There will be marked spots on the ground of the facilities that will help everyone gauge that distance.  

  • Please refrain from handshaking. By maintaining distance from one another, we minimize the collective risk of each person on the Project.  


Once everyone is clear of the ground rules and the equipment is cleaned, the Project may proceed as scheduled.  

Types of Projects 

The procedures and protocols we just laid out apply to most of the Studio’s Projects and Clients. These include but are not limited to: 

  • Podcasts 

  • Commercials 

  • Short Films 

  • Key Pre-Production Meetings 

With that being said, we think it is proper to disclose special cases. As some of you know, Dolphin Image Studios works on Feature Films and Television Productions of varying sizes and budgets. These types of projects are being examined and adapted on a case-by-case basisWhile the same procedures and protocols will generally apply, these Projects have special needs and constraints unique to them that may be incompatible with some of our policies. In these cases, we will adapt our policies in ways that maintain a safe and sanitary environment while also meeting the needs of the Project.  



At this time, this post lays out how Dolphin Image Studios is adapting to a world with COVID-19 in it. We will update these procedures and policies as the situation evolves. Any changes that are made will be made public for all to know. If there are any questions, feel free to reach out to us by our Website, Phone, or Social Media. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay in touch! 



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