Making a PSA From Your Law Firm? Read This First!

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The 3 Statements Every Lawyer needs in their PSA 

Due to the legal challenges brought on by our current environment, Lawyers are relied on more than ever. To keep up with this, Lawyers have had to adapt the means by which they take on Clients in order to stay safe. Many have already or are preparing PSA’s (Public Service Announcements) for their forms to lay out the ground rules for their potential Clients. At Dolphin Image Studios, we believe in helping everyone put their best foot forward in communicating with others through PSA’sWe also just completed our own PSA for our Clients, so this topic is fresh on the mind. So, here are three statements all Lawyers should include in their PSA’s to Clients.  

A Current Events Statement 

It may seem obvious, but any client will want to hear from you the state of the current events. From their Point of View, it establishes that you are very much aware of the situation facing us all. By doing this, it establishes a comfort zone of sorts that mentally prepares them for everything that follows.  


It doesn’t need to be a long or elaborate statement. Many Lawyers can do it in one or two sentences, which is what we recommend. Every PSA wants to get to the point, so by keeping this introduction short and succinct, Lawyers can move into the main topics at hand.  

How Your Firm is Addressing the Events 

Next, do you want to layout for your potential clients what exactly is different from your normal operations? This is a good chance to state new operating hours, your preferred video conferencing app, converting paper documents into digital ones or things of that nature. If any in-person or in-office activities are required, this is also the time to explain the measures your firm is taking to make the environment as sanitary as possible.  


Some of the things listed here may not be different from how the firm regularly operates. In fact, we find that many firms local to our area are already minimized how many of their documents are printed on paper. However, even if it isn’t different, describing your policies and procedures in this manner ensures a great look for the firm. 

A Call to Action 

Finally, you want to make sure everyone who’s watching the PSA engages with your firm in the desired manner. This is your chance to use the PSA to generate more Clients in a logical and tasteful manner. The call itself can be anything, from “Book a Free Consultation” to “Message us on Facebook, whatever magnet your firm uses to attract Clients. At the end of the day, your firm provides a valuable service, so letting people know about it is doing a public good in these times.  



And that concludes our list of 3 statements Lawyers should include in their Client PSA’s. If you find this useful, please share it with others who are also working from home so that they can find it helpful too. If you’re interested in more articles like this or other updates from Dolphin Image Studios, fill out the contact form below and subscribe to our email newsletter. As always, thank you for tuning in and we can’t wait to hear from you! 



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