Moving Film & T.V. Production Forward Post Pandemic

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Dolphin Image Studios in 2020 

Dolphin Image Studios started as a small production company in Orlando in April 2018. Now, we are a production company with a state of the art soundstage and resources unique to us. Like everyone, COVID-19 has disrupted all of our plans for 2020. As the dust settles, we want to take a moment to reaffirm who we are, what our mission is, and why we’re still positioned to make 2020 our best year yet. 


From day one, we’ve always worked towards helping our clients tell their stories. Now, this mission is more important to us than ever. Stories that are well told and well-intentioned have united us all in a time when we are less social than ever. There are challenges ahead, without a doubt, but Dolphin Image Studios stands by its mission as we believe it will take away for all of our collective happiness in the future.  

Soundstage & Backlot 

We are incredibly fortunate to have a 3000 square-foot soundstage and almost 9 acres of land to film on. As film production transitions from liberal location-based filming to a method that requires enclosed facilities and private land more and more, we are uniquely equipped to deliver our clients these assets. Because we control every aspect of these facilities, we can double ensure that they are safe and sanitary for everyone from student filmmakers to Alice talent Period. Also, due to the sheer amount of space, sets can be built or built-upon our land with room to spare. Finally, we have a Recording Suite (now being used as a Podcast Studio) for recording ADR and Voiceover for Post.  

LED-Wall & ARwall 

On our property, we also have two unique assets that prepare us for how our industry is changing. First, we have a 20 x 12 ft LED screen (commonly referred to as LEDwall) that can be used to display stock footage or 3D backgrounds. Second, we are partnered with ARwall, a technology firm that specializes in 3D Background replacement technology. If you’ve seen The Mandalorian (or the documentary about the technology used to make the show), ARwall deploys similar technology on a larger scale.  


These two assets are critical for creating virtual sets. As on-location filming becomes more and more difficult and projects rely on CGI and Soundstages, even more, the toolkit of the creators needs to evolve. And with an LED wall and ARwall in our facilities, we believe we have the right toolkit for filmmakers to evolve with our environment.  

Community of Creativity 

Dolphin Image Studios is also physically located in an advantageous position. We are located in Winter Haven, Florida, almost exactly between Orlando and Tampa. This position allows us to reap many of the benefits of the crew, equipment, and talent from these metropolitan areas while experiencing a limited amount of downside. Additionally, our specific county in Florida is home to many veteran crew members and talent all on its own. Even our Soundstage, formerly known as Patterson Studios, has a long and rich history of creating quality films over 30 years. The bottom line is that Dolphin Image Studios is surrounded by a community of passionate creatives with a history of success, one that can only help us going forward.  

Effects of COVID-19 on Production 

No discussion of 2020 would be complete without mentioning COVID-19. Our industry as a whole has been greatly affected by the virus for now and for all of its future. We’ve already discussed our evolving protocols and procedures that we’re implementing here, and only time will tell how we will need to evolve further. But our team is adaptable to any obstacles we’ve encountered and will evolve to overcome them whatever they are.  

Production Pipeline 

Finally, we wouldn’t be a film production company if we didn’t have projects in the works in some capacity. Again, many of these are changing to ensure the safety of everyone involved, but they are moving forward at a reasonable pace. We’ll be contributing towards up to three feature films, two serial productions, three podcasts, and a sizeable number of commercials and promotional material. We consider ourselves very fortunate to still have projects to work on as we feel that our work contributes to our mission and has a positive effect on our community.  


This post lays out how Dolphin Image Studios is adapting to a world with COVID-19 in it. If there are any questions, feel free to reach out to us by our Website, Phone, or Social Media. We appreciate everyone’s patience and understanding. Stay safe, stay strong, and stay in touch! 


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