Showing homes may be difficult at this time but you can still show your listing to prospective home buyers from the comfort of your own. Why just email pictures when you can have the impact of a personalized virtual tour? Dolphin image Studios is committed to providing a safe creative environment. We are taking every possible precaution to keep both cast and crew safe. We have adopted new production policies, including mandatory face masks, clean/sanitize multiple times per day and smaller production teams.
Filming your Virtual Tour 

At first, it sounds like giving a Virtual Tour is a massive undertaking. At Dolphin Image Studios, we make sure that it isn’t. All a Real Estate Agent needs to get started is photos or videos of the property you’d like to tourThen, you’ll be welcomed into Dolphin Image Studios’ 3000 sq.ft soundstage to film the tour. It’s equipped with a Cyc Wall, Lights, Monitorand a Studio Staff Member ready to film your tour.  

Making it your Own 

With everything in place, it’s time to give your tour! With the Monitor, you’ll be able to see the photographs and videos you’ve collected and voiced your commentary. This is a good chance to go over the layout, special features and other specs of the property and its rooms. We find that about 1 minute per room or space is the sweet spot for most realtors.  


Corporate branding? Fancy lights? On-screen text? Leave that to us and our expert editors. In fact, when you’re in our soundstage filming, only one other person is going to be there, no film crew necessary.  




Contact Dolphin Image Studios today about filming your own virtual tour, starting at $300.  


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